The Facility


Fernando took over the facility in May of 2016 with all of the optimism of a lifetime of dreams. Having worked in a variety of settings over the years – Fernando came to realize that no matter the setting – “Real World Experience” was one of the more important aspects of training that clients required. It was more divine intervention than happenstance that Fernando found himself training in the heart of town near the Kamloops downtown core. Frequent pack walks interacting with local residents and businesses on the sunny North Shore cemented his decision to take over an existing kennel – and turn it into the image he had started to craft in his head from youth. It’s pretty amazing to see all that he has done in such a short time period! 

The building itself has gone through a substantial transformation since those early days. The exterior was painted a vibrant green drawing on his Brazilian ancestry and outgoing personality. The entire interior has been overhauled to represent a more open and inviting experience for both our two and four legged customers. 

The kennels come in two sizes – the largest easily handling two large breed dogs (important for many of our guests who have siblings or friends they want to keep together). The kennel floors are heated, there are 2 ventilated skylights and there are 6 ceiling fans to ensure smiles in all temperatures and conditions. Since taking over Fernando has had artificial turf and outdoor sprinklers installed to ensure your pets are able to play and stay comfortable at all times. The facility has a separate grooming studio, Pink Pomeranian Dog Spaw, located upstairs – 250-572-6927. The old grooming studio was turned into a new large puppy room. The layout was changed and the colour scheme lightened to provide maximum brightness. Outside – he had a new fence and gates installed to assist in training exercises. He also had the landscaping improved to show his commitment to the neighborhood. There are 24/7 monitored cameras that cover all areas of the kennel.