Successful training is predicated on the understanding that all people and all dogs are unique. No two are the same – be it from the same litter or those raised under the same roof for our 4 legged friends – and rarely are two alike in the 2 footed variety. Recognising this – Fernando has created a number of different options and packages that were designed and tailored to get you the results you desire. A well trained dog changes the dynamic of your family in ways that words are unable to explain.


“Regardless of the package chosen – the goal is to train your pet to succeed in “Real World Environments” where all of life’s distractions are real and ever present. We focus on on-leash and off-leash obedience and also help resolve anxiety and aggression.”



Our most successful training method and package

  • $60/day – 1st  week 
  • $55/day – 2nd week
  • $50/day – 3rd week
  • $40/day – after 3 weeks. Lifetime training refreshers and coaching included. 

Consistent routines, baby steps and realistic expectations are our mantra. We prefer the owner be involved as much as possible during the dogs boot camp stay. Our goal is to provide the confidence and leadership skills necessary for success. We offer continued home support if the owner runs into any concerns.



(7am-11am drop off – 2pm-6pm pick up)

All of the benefits of daycare – plus a training session with Fernando

  • $50/day – 1st week (do not need to be consecutive)
  • $45/day – 2nd week (do not need to be consecutive)
  • $40/day – anything after


Contact Fernando, 250-377-1036  for more information.

(Anyone who has previously trained, for a minimum of 3 weeks, can attend for free to practice their skills)


Private lessons are available for any kind of dogs. Contact Fernando, 250-377-1036 for more information.